Rise Sleep Mattress Protectors comes with a 10-year limited warranty that offers a full replacement for both the mattress protector and new mattress, when purchased together on the same invoice.

This warranty will be applied to the original owner if the mattress protector, when properly applied and cared for, within ten (10) years from the date of purchase, becomes accidentally and permanently stained or damaged from:


To qualify for this limited warranty, the customer must:

  1. Have their newly purchased mattress delivered stain, damage, and soil-free from the authorized dealer. The customer should then cover the mattress with the new mattress protector correctly and completely.
  2. To qualify for a covered claim, the customer must provide the original sales receipt or other proof of purchase within five (5) days of the incident.

Should your new Mattress, purchased at the same time as the Mattress Protector become accidentally stained during the warranty period, RiseSleep Accessories will send an authorized technician to have the stained area cleaned and sanitized at no charge to the customer. If the technician is unable to remove the stain, Rise sleep may replace the mattress. If the mattress is not available, the original owner may select a new replacement mattress equal in value to the original purchase price from the original retailer from whom this warranty was purchased. Delivery, any tax or set-up arrangements, as well as transportation  and disposal charges are the responsibility of the customer and/or the selling retailer. 

This warranty limit of one (1) mattress replacement during the life of the warranty.

Manufacturing Quality Assurance

Should your Mattress Protector be defective due to manufacturing / construction failure during the warranty period, RiseSleep Accessories will replace the mattress protector. Replacement of the Mattress Protector is limited to two (2) mattress protectors during the life of the warranty. 

This Warranty does not cover or apply to:

  • Medical issues, incontinence and repeated or multiple stains or multiple locations of stains from humans and/or pets.
  • Substances such as dyes, inks, paints, dirt or other soil, gum, acids, corrosives, bleaches, nail polish, nail polish remover, medication including vitamins, cosmetics, and chemical hair treatments such as hair gel, hair spray, mousse and similar.
  • Mattresses located outdoors or on patios or screened rooms where it may be directly or indirectly exposed to the elements. This warranty also does not cover stains caused during, or as a result of, delivery, handling, set up or assembly.
  • Damage caused by improper cleaning methods or improper cleaning chemicals.

Questions about, or to submit a warranty claim please email: Info@risesleep.ca